01 Feb 2014
February 1, 2014

Iron vs Cardio

At this time of year it’s very popular for people to start going to the gym with more frequency/urgency, especially after the Christmas excess, and I see a lot of different people and body types in my work as a sports massage therapist, but there can be quite a lot of different perceptions of how people view the right way (or wrong way) to optimise their results.

Whether the goal is to lose weight or strengthen and tone up, it’s important to follow a balanced routine when it comes to physical conditioning. Some people simply enjoy going out for a long run, and nothing else, others hit the gym and work out more with weights, and some people fluctuate between the two. I think that there are advantages to doing both types of activities, and now there is a resurgence in the whole body compound movements such as Olympic lifts, pull ups, and rope climbing etc, popularised by the Crossfit gyms.

I think that the people that I see who participate in a mixture of exercise routines (strength training and cardio/distance running) are generally less prone to injury and they also have a greater chance of making the gains that they are trying to achieve in terms of body image or general wellbeing. Sports massage work is all about working on the soft tissues of the body, and I have started to see a pattern in the types of physique and types of injury/movement impairment, that can result from a particular type of training routine.

I can definitely say though that the people I treat that have a multifaceted approach to their training are generally stronger, fitter and faster than those who follow a single track approach.