04 Mar 2014
March 4, 2014


Jim Mason

It’s been a while since my last newsletter, I’m sure some of you must be feeling a bit deprived now at the lack of witty, good quality written correspondence from me! But better late than never!
My hands have been kept very busy massaging and squeezing the tension out of people so writing newsletters has had to move a little bit lower on my agenda. The new year, spring and summer bring with them a variety of sporting challenges, in particular running events – I’ve already seen an increase in the number of people entering marathons, half marathons and ultra endurance events, and then booking in for a sports massage as the increased training starts to take its toll. I do firmly believe that a combination of cardio work plus some strength training ensures the best balance in body and reduces the likelihood of injuries and/or muscle imbalance.

Online booking system
As some of you will already know, I recently updated my website and included an online booking system, which has proved very popular and it has made it a lot more convenient to book your sports massage appointment, any time, day or night, plus it has overcome the issue of not having time to call when you are at work (although you can still call to book your appointment if you prefer by calling 0113 887 4655 or text/call to 07762 363496). On the whole, it is a very user friendly system to use. I have also recently introduced an automated SMS appointment text reminder, so all in all I am hoping these updated systems give more efficiency and added value to the service that you receive from me.

Power Pancakes!
Shrove Tuesday is today! and as a follow on from last year where I introduced you to the benefits of my ‘unique’ and calorie dense meal that I had conjured up, I have decided to refine my pancake recipe for 2014! The recipe last year was for many people, a bit over the top and needed an ‘acquired taste’ to appreciate it, so this year I’ve kept things a bit more traditional, but with a few subtle differences.

Here’s what you need:
1 level cup of plain flour,1 cup of whole milk (ideally organic and un homogenised ), 3 whole eggs (ideally free range and organic), Organic virgin coconut oil (for frying in), unflavoured whey protein isolate powder, tub of Greek yoghurt (ideally ‘Total’)
Mix the flour, eggs and milk thoroughly, and then heat some coconut oil in the pan, then fry and pay particular attention to your tossing technique. The whey protein is better if added to the yoghurt and included as a ‘filling’ for the pancake. When it’s done, sweeten with Agave nectar, or honey. Nice!

Mark Roe – ‘Running From Shadows’

Mark has been coming to see me for a few years now and has always impressed me with his dedication to compete in extreme ultra endurance events and in particular his attention to detail in preparing for them and now Mark has actually written a book that details his experiences, and he even gives me a mention in there too !!

“Running from Shadows” is available in paperback and (shortly) e-book and is published by Matador. The Foreword is by multiple Marathon des Sables finisher Rory Coleman. It tells the story of Mark Roe, a once-fit mid-to back-of-the-pack runner who became unfit; to get his fitness back Mark signed up for “the world’s toughest footrace”, the 2012 Marathon des Sables; the book describes Mark’s build-up to the race and details his experiences during each of the gruelling six stages and 153-mile journey across the Sahara desert in temperatures hitting 52 degrees centigrade.

Once back from the race Mark decided to change his career and also continue his focus on keeping fit and now aims to complete a marathon a month. Last month he returned from the Sahara Race (Jordan), unfortunately having to withdraw after 113 miles of the 151 mile race with gastritis and a viral infection. Undeterred, he is already looking at his next major event which could involve either the Mongolian Gobi desert or a race across the Arctic!

Says Mark: “Jim has been treating me now for a number of years. After booking in to an event the other imperative is to get booked in to see Jim! I’ve no doubt that I wouldn’t be able to compete in these events and monthly marathons as comfortably if I wasn’t regularly getting professional treatment from Jim.”